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Five Great Tech Tools for Landowners
If you have ever been in an old rancher’s truck, I’m sure you’ve glanced around the dusty cab at the scattered files lining the dashboard, tractor parts catalogs tucked under the trusty beat-up rifle, wondering how they keep up with it all.

A Journey Down The Red River
The Red River is a major tributary of the Mississippi River that stretches for more than 1,300 miles from the sunset-colored Palo Duro Canyon of the Texas Panhandle to its emerald green confluence with the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Navigating The Western Big Game Draw Process
Nothing has changed the sport more than the ease and speed of obtaining information. The internet, smartphones, Google Earth, OnXmaps, and social media have all contributed to hunting’s surge in popularity and made it more accessible to all.

Dogs of Ranchlands
The deep navy umbrella of a four am Colorado prairie sky hangs overhead. Birds are still slumbering, awaiting the arrival of dawn before beginning morning discussions. There are few sounds to be heard save the creaking of leather, the clank of cinches, the shifting of hooves as the tacking up process begins.

Exotic Ranching | Basic Principals of Entering The Exotic Ranching Market
Exotic ranching is an excellent option for your property if you want to add an income-producing element to your ranch. If you’ve contemplated buying cattle or farming but are looking for something different, exotic ranching could be your niche.

First Impressions Are Everything
It takes seven seconds to make a first impression—just seven short seconds for a solid negative or positive impression to form. The process starts after just half a second. Once formed, first impressions tend to be lasting, and they can be difficult and sometimes impossible to undo. This principle applies to.....

A Short Guide For Success On Your First Ranch
Over the past decade, Americans purchasing land and moving to rural Wyoming and other northwestern states has become commonplace. The appeal has never been greater than this past year, with heavily-populated areas experiencing the bulk of the Covid-related issues, causing people to feel the urge to flee cities in....

How Long Will This Market Last?
It has been interesting to see the evolving impact of Covid on the land investing market. Talks with several clients about the increase in the popularity of land as an investment and they have unanimously pointed to the safety and security of their families being the reason for this investment strategy.

Hunting Big Game For Landowners
Are you thinking about buying your dream hunting property in the Rocky Mountains but are confused by the different landowner hunting regulations in each state? If so, I hope this state-by-state overview of Landowner big game hunting opportunities and programs will help you.

Land Locked | Understanding Legal Access To Your Property
There is a well-worn phrase in the modern lexicon of the west: Legal Access. Fifth-generation ranchers know all about it. Legal access is an essential consideration for every category of property. Lenders, attorneys, and title companies certainly know about it and they serve as the gatekeepers of land deals.

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