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The Dream of Owning Land for First-Time Buyers
Have you dreamed of owning rural land, a place to conserve, cultivate, and enjoy? Whether a childhood dream, a recent aspiration, or if you are a savvy investor that wants to capitalize on the enjoyment and pride dividend that comes with owning a hard asset like land, the market has found itself in a sweet spot...

Wyoming's Split Estate
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding ranch sales in Wyoming is, who owns the mineral rights? And what rights do they have? In many states, the owners of the land are not necessarily the owners of the mineral estate. Wyoming is such a state.

Will 2020 Foreshadow a Boon in Rural Land Sales?
Virus-related lockdowns, economic devastation, prolific government spending, and social unrest have ushered in the new decade. Significant changes are happening at lightning speed, and trying to make sense of how this all ends is difficult and so far a bit counterintuitive.

Pioneering Washington's Wine Region
Washington is quickly becoming a mecca for grape growers and wineries. The same breathtaking landscape that first drew pioneers westward over 200 years ago now attracts a new kind of pioneer, those searching for a rich and diverse grape growing region.

Forestlands: The Ultimate ESG investment
ESG (environmental, social, and governance) is a general term used in capital markets and by investors to evaluate corporate behavior to determine the future financial performance/benefit of investing in new companies and innovations. ESG is the new standard by which corporations, non-profits, and start-ups...

Different Roles Found On A Ranch
A ranch manager has the unique ability to comprehend the needs of the land in their care and implement the vision of the owner. A manager assesses, plans and designs, then execute. He, along with the approval of the owner, establishes policies and carries out those plans and policies.

The Importance of Road Infrastructure
One particular aspect that is of utmost importance is a ranch’s road system. I like to think of a ranch’s road infrastructure as the nervous system of the ranch. Veins lead to different places throughout the body just as roads lead to different places on a ranch.

Montana Landscapes: Deep-Rooted Purpose of Supporting Agriculture
After the snow melts and the grass begins to green, a renewed sense of optimism fills the air as newborn calves dot the Montana landscape each spring. Producers across the state consider their previous breeding decisions while busying themselves planning and preparing for the next calving season.

Tax Benefits of Purchasing Land in The Cowboy State
Whether you are in the land market for a working ranch, recreational ranch, second home or personal residence, there are certain criteria that must be considered before you make your decision. We have always heard the old saying location, location, location when it comes to purchasing real estate.

Pricing Land
One of the most challenging aspects of selling your land is knowing how to price it. The process of selling land is more often derailed by poor pricing strategy more than any other factor. Pricing land is not an exact science. It is fraught with subjectivity and emotion, and therefore inaccuracy.

Chihuahuan High Desert Ecosystem
Stretching from the Central Mexican Highlands to three states in the southwestern corner of the United States and covering nearly 175,000 square miles, the Chihuahuan Desert is the largest in North America.

Scotch Double: Enhance Your Property’s Recreational Hunting And Fishing Value
Utilizing Traditional And Progressive Methodology To Enhance Your Property’s Recreational Hunting And Fishing Value While Improving The Core Value Of Your Investment-grade “working” Southeastern Land Property.

Can You Benefit From The Placement Of A Conservation Easement?
It is always surprising to me how few people are familiar with conservation easements and the tax benefits provided. The enabling legislation was first enacted in the early 1980s, and while thousands of easements have been placed since that time, it is still a relatively unknown and/or misunderstood opportunity.

Livestock Grazing: A Tool For Diversity
Diversity is a buzzword in the 21st century ranching industry. Diverse populations of plants and animals signal ecologically healthy rangelands, and diverse, profitable enterprises signal an economically healthy operation.

Private Acreage Wetlands: New Revenue Opportunities For Landowners
The presence of water is a crucial factor in determining the true worth of a potential property purchase, and wetlands are amongst the most valued water attributes. With a unique ability to directly augment surrounding ecosystems, wetlands are an integral feature of a healthy environment.

Investing In And Adding Value To Ranch Lands
The Western U.S. has a reputation for landscapes that are rich in rivers, mountains and open space. But the American West is losing large chunks of land, as landscapes are carved away to accommodate the urban sprawl and commercial development that affects many western cities.

Selling Your Land: How to Prepare & What to Expect
There are generally two types of ranch owners: the multi-generational ranch owner who uses the ranch as their primary income source, and the modern ranch investor who uses the ranch to recreate and as a gathering place for friends and family. For both of these ranch owners, selling a ranch is almost always...

Selling Your Land: Taxes, Financial Planning & Family Matters
The first and most important step in selling your ranch is making sure your family’s tax and financial planning is current and competently prepared. This is particularly important for multi-generational ranch families. I say this because they are the most likely to neglect this stage.

Selling Your Land: Preparing Your Ranch for Show
As you contemplate selling your ranch, it is important to have an understanding of the process ahead of you, and to prepare your ranch to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This often involves cleaning up the junk. Ideally, this begins prior to putting the ranch on the market.

Selling Your Land: Deciding on a Brokerage & Choosing a Broker
Once you’ve assessed your property, you’re ready to decide on which brokerage company to work with. If you have a ranch (or a farm, timber tract or plantation), don’t list with a company that sells residential or commercial real estate. Instead, work with a company that only sells land.

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